Best Twin Gear Juicers Of 2019–Reviews for Triturating Juicer

Let’s make it clear at the beginning: the best twin gear (triturating) juicers, however easy they are, are not the gadgets for noobs who want a quick healthy drink on occasions.

Twin gear juicers or triturating juicers are considered the top of the line juicing machines. Some models are touted as the Rolls-Royce of juicing because of the unrivaled craftsmanship and engineering. In terms of efficiency and juice quality, this type of juicing machine is unquestionably a cut above the rest.

Similar to a masticating style juice extractor it also processes produce at low speed (82-110 RPM), preserving nutrient quality. It uses a three-stage juice extraction process, it crashes then it squeezes the produce twice (1. as it passes along the cavity of the gears, 2. as the gears rotate inwardly). Equipped with two stainless steel gears with a very narrow clearance it crushes fruits and vegetables at a more efficient rate than any other juicer available in the market.

Now the bad news… This juicer is quite expensive starting at $450 to over $1000 but you’ll get all the bells and whistles that you won’t get from centrifugal and masticating juicers such as superior juice yield and nutrient retention, cooling system, and stainless steel construction.

The collection I’m introducing to you below is not only the result of personal experience. I’ve dug into dozens of websites and went through hundreds of customer reviews on Amazon to extract the most important information about each one of these juicers. What do they look like? How do they “feel” on operation? How do they work? What are they good at? And what are their drawbacks?

I’ve got everything covered for you.

How to works twin gear juicer?

The two metal gears work in principle the same way as an automatic transmission inside your vehicle.

Each of the metal teeth is just millimeters apart for maximum yield. So there is a learning curve in being acquired and disassembling.

One big advantage twin gear juicers have over other types of juicers are the two metal gears it uses.

It can just about handle anything feed through it from soft fruits to fibrous stuff like celery.

Here are three facts about the twin gear juicer: it takes more time to make a drink compared to a fast centrifugal juicer; it is most of the time more expensive than a good single gear juicer, and the juice always looks and tastes much much better than the another two.

All of that has to do with how the thing works.

Basically, the twin gear juicer is a cold-press machine itself. Like the single-gear masticating juicer, it extracts juice from produce by pressing it hard, separating the liquid from the fiber. This happens at a speed of 80 – 120 rpm with minimal heat and air exposure, as opposed to the centrifuge, which shreds and extract juice while on a 6000 – 14000 rpm spin.twin gear juicer

What makes the triturator different from the masticator is that, instead of having an auger that presses against the chamber, it has two metal gears placed closely to each other. Like the fruit, root, or leafy green is fed through the tube, these gears crush, cut, and squeeze it at the same time. This maximizes the yield as well as the nutrients, micro, and macro, you can get from the juice – you can tell with the naked eye that the juice made with a twin-gear is always dense and has very vibrant colors.

For a better understanding of how the different juicers work, you can take a look at our post: Types of Juicers. But normally, the twin gear is the king of home juicers with regards to juice quality and versatility.

How to Choose a Twin Gear Juicer?

There are a few key components to look at here. The two is the budget. You’ll have to set a hard cap on how much you are willing to spend because the price difference will vary.

Once you’ve made up your mind on the number, everything else will follow.

A quick search on Amazon reveals that more affordable options like the Samson Green Power will cost less than $600 and a high-end Tribest will cost more than $550.

And the price will be proportionate to the size of the juicer. Samson manufacturers one of the lower twin gear juicers in the market and Tribest has one of the biggest.


  • Uses two metal gears that will last a very long time
  • The excellent yield on just about anything you put inside – whether fruit and leafy greens
  • There is no need to chop fibrous veggies like celery, spinach or collard greens
  • Versatile enough to make other foods like sorbet, nut butter, baby food as well as crush nuts, coffee, and grains
  • A twin-gear juicer operates very silently compared to a centrifugal juicer.
  • The low-speed motor eliminates oxidation, therefore, preserving the enzymes.
  • The extracted juice is stable and can be stored in the fridge for up to 36 hours.
  • The juices produced has very little foam.
  • You get high-quality juices that taste rich and concentrated.
  • It squeezes every drop of juice from your vegetable and produces very dry pulp.
  • The extracted juices have almost no foam.


  • It has a lot of moving parts which make it difficult to clean
  • Expensive – the cheapest would cost around $350
  • There is a learning curve when you put it together
  • Most of these are huge and take up a lot of space
  • juicing hard produce may be a bit challenging, requiring a little more effort compared to the single-gear juicer.
  • Is heavy (approximately 6~12 kg) and may be cumbersome to move around (but is advantageous in that it doesn’t “walk” when in operation).

Describe the Some Best Twin Gear Juicers Review

Super angel premium deluxe juicer – another best juicer for greens

best twin gear juicers

It is both strange and amazing to know that despite the high cost of the Super Angel Premium Model, it is the choice of the most juicing enthusiast. But why is this so? It is because of its durability and efficiency. The juicer has a sleek shape and comes in a shiny stainless steel shell.

The Super Angel is built from with quality materials, which eliminates all chance of parts breaking and heavy stains. With the stainless steel material, it is also very easy to clean. The gears, which are also made of solid steel, operate at a speed of 82 rounds per minute. It grinds ingredients into a fine powder, which allows the juicer to efficiently process fruits and vegetable put into it.

Even though this is half the speed of a regular triturating juicer, the slow speed and strength of the gear allow the machine to squeeze everything possible out of the product put in it. Also, it emits very little heat which is capable of causing damages to nutrients and precious enzymes. But at a certain point, the juicer would start getting hot. This high temperature will be detected with a thermal sensor.

Automatically, the machine activates its cooling system which would consequently reduce the temperature. Users don’t have to worry, as this happens automatically and isn’t capable of destroying your juice. Another exciting feature of the Super Angel Premium Deluxe Model is its anti-jamming system.

This simply means that the juicer can increase or decrease its speed, and also change the rotating direction, to avoid jamming. However, the Super Angel requires precutting of materials beforehand as its feeding chute is rather small.

It is of great effect to note that due to the versatility of the juicer, it can juice different kinds of fruits and vegetables. It is safe to say that Super Angel shines well with leafy greens. When juicing green leaves, you wouldn’t need to use the food pusher as the juicer sucks in ingredients such as kale, lettuce, and romaine lettuce.

When juicing hard fruits like carrots, apples, and beets, you would need to put in more energy to push these fruits down the feed chute. After doing this, you will make perfect juice with the most effective nutrients and enzymes in it.

Super Angel Comes with three attachments depends on which version you buy

The Super Angel juicer has three attachments which are easy to switch based on your need.

Standard Extracting Screen: The is the most versatile attachment which can do most of the fruits and vegetables.

Soft Fruit Extracting Screen: This extracting screen comes with the Super Angel Deluxe. It has larger holes that allow you to juice soft fruits.

Nut Butter Grinding: This unique attachment is used to make frozen fruit sorbets, baby food, dessert, and nut butter.


  • It produces a very high juice yield from a horde of fruits and vegetables
  • It produces a great juice quality and has very little foam
  • Commercial grade motor
  • The Super Angel is very easy to assemble
  • It naturally has a dry pulp after ejection
  • It is quick and very easy to clean.
  • The whole body of the Super Angel is made of stainless steel.
  • A 5-year warranty on Wear and Tear and 10 years in motor and other parts. It may change so check before you buy.
  • It can be regarded as the best in the market of juicing leafy greens.


  • It has a very high price tag.
  • The five-year warranty covers only wearable parts.
  • It has a narrow feed chute, which increases the prep time.
  • It needs precutting to produce
  • Also, the Super Angel weighs an astounding 28 lbs, making it partially immobile as it isn’t easy to move around.


Not that high speed is always desirable, but when you don’t fancy spending a good 45 minutes pushing celery down a tiny feeding chute, the Green Power might be a good twin gear juicers


  • High speed: 160 rpm
  • Compact design
  • Screens for fruits and vegs
  • Affordable price
  • 2 horsepower motor



  • Higher speed reduces juice quality

At 160 rpm, nearly twice the speed of the Super Angel, the GP belongs to the faster group of twin gear juicers. A higher speed is usually associated with a heated motor, but that’s a compromise for reducing your juicing time by almost a half.

In reality, the heat generated is really close to nothing if you follow instructions carefully and turn it off after every 25 minutes. (Which already well surpasses the time needed for a typical juicing session).

With a 2 powerhouse motor, the Green Power can process just about anything. It has a pressure adjusting knob, and 2 different screens for fruits and veggies, which help. With the gears belonging to the smaller spectrum, it is more efficient on leafy greens than harder and thicker materials such as ginger or carrot.

Versatility-wise, this compact machine wins over many others. It comes in a package that also includes a multi-purpose kit with an extra hole-less screen for making nut paste, nozzle pairings for dry and water production, and several outlets or juice and noodles.

While not being the strongest machine, the Green Power KPE1304 is one of the fasted twin gear juicers on the market. If your priority is short juicing time with modest juice quality, this is the machine for you.


If you’re looking for a twin-gear juicer that doesn’t break the bank, the Omega TWN30S is worth a try.

best twin gear juicers

Omega makes some of the best single-gear juicers, which puts the TWN30S at both an advantage, as it inherits all the well-loved features from its one-auger siblings, and a disadvantage, as there’s always a shadow to outgrow.

  • Affordable price
  • Screens for fruits and vegs
  • 2 horsepower motor
  • Higher speed reduces juice quality

Priced at less than 400 dollars, it’s one of the most affordable triturators out there. It’s no phenomena, but the machine easily outperforms all other machines at its price range.

It comes with a 2 horsepower motor, the same as the Green Star and the Green Power, and has 2 strong gears with the ability to process from soft, watery fruits to thick roots to thin greeneries like dandelion, kale, spinach or wheatgrass. Juice quality is, as expected of an Omega, more than decent, and the yield is a nice surprise too – it’s noticeably higher than any single-gear twin gear juicers

Overall, the TWN30S is a well constructed (and nice-looking) machine, except for one thing: its screen. The see-through plastic parts, while looking much more elegant and interesting than the boring thick white plastic screens on the GS or the GP, is a lot more delicate and prone to breaking. You may need to be extra gentle with it.

In any case, the machine comes with a 15 years warranty.

When Buying Best Twin Gear Juicers

One thing peculiar to the three products reviewed is the small size of their feeding chutes. Another is the good quality of the juices they make. If you are going to the market with more than enough money and is probably getting the juicer for business purposes; the Super Angel Deluxe is its perfect great commercial juicer for twin gear juicers

It’s one of the best you can buy for that price. This juicer is sometimes regarded as the best juicer in the market for vegetables. Its twin gears extract a very high yield from all vegetables and nutrients put into it. It also has a very dry pulp. If you are really serious about juicing, you should be and money is not an issue then grab this.

However, if you are working with a budget, and you are in dire need of a juicer that would do more for less money, then the Omega TWN30s Twin Gear is for you. Even with its low price, it still qualifies as one of the best in the market for the great quality of juice. It also has a dual function of juicing and food mixing. It goes for $300+ if you are willing to get the Omega TWN30s Twin Gear.

In conclusion, the Tribest Green Star Elite can be arguably referred to as the best twin juicer in the market. The Green Star is one of the very best alternatives to the Super Angel Deluxe. It is less expensive, comes with a 12-year warranty and is built to last. Its warranty policy ensures that you get all the help you need.


The type of juicer you finally decide to buy depends solely on you. But, make sure you pick the juicer which fits your lifestyle. You should also take your budget into consideration. You should know by now that juicers are hard to clean eventually get in the way of usage. Once again, buy a juicer that fits your lifestyle and health needs.

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