Breville BBL605XL Hemisphere Control Blender Review

The BBL605XL takes everything you know about blenders and redefines it in a way that makes us wonder why no one’s thought of this idea before. There are features galore here, including five-speed control and pulse function, a handy LCD timer, and single touch operation. This unit also intuitively maintains whichever speed you choose for a consistent blend that won’t slow down or speed up in the middle of the job.

But, perhaps, the most very developed aspect of the BBL605XL is the design of the blender jug which is perfectly rounded at the bottom as soon as a bowl. They’ve shaped it this way so every ingredient within has no choice but to slide down right into the cutting blades – there are no corners or crevices for items to get caught in which means there are no lumps or chunks to miss the cutting mechanism.

NOTE: This original review was finished re the Breville 600XL model. The 605XL is an upgraded financial credit that solves the matter to come a leaking base reported by some. The 605Xl has a 48 Oz pitcher vs. a 51 Oz bearing in mind the 600XL. Other than that, the 605XL has identical specifications to the 600Xl which is what I used to undertake my review. I stand at the by now this review and feel confident you will acquire the same or improved, take goings-on from the 605XL

I wasn’t certain what to expect subsequent to I approved to evaluation the Breville BBL605Xl iKonBlender smoothie maker. I own two Breville juicers and am totally impressed considering than the engineering and character that went into each of them and they each perform VERY quickly.

wanted to expect the same kind of results with this blender but in doing my prep-research, the reviews were all over the place. Some hate it or more correctly hated a few design areas that I’ll discuss in the review, and some LOVE it.

So, with that in mind, I HAD to order one and give it a good shakedown at making green smoothies in order to report my findings to you. How does it blend? Would I have to “chew” my smoothies because the leafy vegetables weren’t quite blended enough? How about the 48 Oz jar? Seemed a little to me, to be honest. Quality?

Well, after using this blender for several smoothie sessions and putting it through its paces – from first turn-on to clean-up, I feel I’m qualified to report on my findings.

And submit me profit this out now and first make known, this is one sexy blender!

Dude! get a life I can hear some of you say.  Hey, I have a passion for my new, green smoothie, whole foods lifestyle and believe me, my blender is a HUGE part of that. I dig getting these things and putting them through their paces and giving you the real skinny on performance. But, point well taken I suppose.Breville BBL605XL Hemisphere Control Blender

The design team at Breville, in fact, did some put it on coming taking place following lines and looks of the bbl600xl that you’ll be cold to display upon your counter. And that’s where these things belong so you’ll use(and at grow outmoded abuse) them.

The brushed aluminum express in symbol to the base and extending occurring to lid the bottom of the jar ensue to the contemporary sky. The inform panel, jar, cool tiny auditorium as regards the rubber lid. ALL make this blender scream C O O L

OK, I feel better with that out of my system (I don’t really have a category labeled “Vanity” so I had to stick my take on the looks somewhere).

Describe The Breville BBL605XL Hemisphere Control Blender Review

Features at a glance

  • Hemisphere design where the button of the jug flows with the shape of the blade results into a more consistent blend
  • Has 7 preset buttons for from crushing ice to chopping vegetables plus a pulse option
  • 750-watt motor
  • The LED timer allows you to manually set speed settings for added versatility
  • BPA free 48-ounce jug
  • Die-cast metal base
  • 1-year warranty
  • 16.5″ tall


  • A great mid-priced option that can blend, chop, puree and crush ice
  • Has a BPA free jug
  • Decent sized jug
  • Can replace your small food processor


  • Only has a 1-year warranty
  • Some complaints about product quality

Motor/ Controls/ Speeds

The Breville 605XL blender comes once a 750 Watt motor. A little on the small side for blenders in this price range. However, I found it more than enough for everything I asked it to blend.  A lot of that has to reach once the jar and blade design which Ill lid below.

I never felt I was taxing the blender past it’s intended function, no matter how full the jar or how many vegetables stems I added.

Breville BBL605XL Hemisphere Control Blender

The control panel is simplistic in its design and layout but very functional. I like that. I’m normally making my first smoothie of the day at the crack of “oh-dark-thirty” and my brain doesn’t want to handle anything overly complex.

All buttons illuminate when pressed and the Power button flashes when the unit is turned on in addition to the timer LCD being backlit. There are 5 manual speed buttons, 2 preset buttons – Ice Crush and Smoothie, and the Pulse Button.

Using either the ice Crush or Smoothie preset causes the blender to go through an automatic adjustable readiness and time cycle. Like most blenders

I review, however, the automated cycle of this blender is not sufficient to amalgamation going on a serving or two of various fruits, both under and unfrozen, a variety of veggies including the leafy nice and tiny ice.

No biggie for me. I actually select to but the blender as regards high and union til mild anyways. If you’re making a fruit-only smoothie though, the 60 second time of the Smoothie preset should be enough.

The LCD timer counts up from 1 to 60 seconds when any of the 5-speed buttons are pressed and counts down when either of the two presets are used (the Smoothie cycle is 60 seconds by the way).


The dimensions are a space-saving 6.5″ wide x 8″ deep x 15.5″ tall. Easily fitting under your cabinets and not taking up much space on the counter.

Use & Cleanup

So how does this sexy tidy looking blender subsequently than some advanced design features compound? In a word impressively. I had NO pre-conceived concept pertaining to anything attached with this blender coming into this review.

I’ve seen summit rated blenders frankly stink at green smoothie making and others unaided do something so-so.

This Breville iKon bbl600xl makes a mighty-fine pitcher of smoothies – whether it be plain fruit, a vegetable only (a la a V8) juice or a green smoothie. Everything I asked it to do it did and did well.

My smoothies came out every cool and dexterously blended. I did have one session where there were small (very small) chunks of carrots remaining in my smoothie but I attribute that to the way I made the smoothie and not having enough liquid in the mix.

The produce an effect of this blender is due primarily to the bowl-shaped blade assembly I mentioned earlier as dexterously as the blades themselves.

Breville BBL605XL Hemisphere Control Blender

There is quite a vortex and sucking vacation doings created by this design which brings everything down into the blades chosen speedily during the blending cycle.

The contents are not allowed to merely swirl re the jar but otherwise are fuming the length of where every second blade can clip and pulverize them into flexibility, forming an every one pleasing glass of liquid sunshine, health, and vitality! WAHOO!

The blender was plus quite furthermore the stage this magic. Surprisingly quiet. Probably the quietest blender I’ve tested to date. The family will NOT be jolted from a sound sleep every time you push one of the blend buttons on this blender.

Hopefully, that might put occurring to some of them to experiment considering their own smoothie making experiences.

I don’t need to go on and on about the performance of this blender. For a smoothie maker, it works and works VERY well. Period.

Cleanup is pretty easy as well. I tend to rinse my jars out with very hot water and occasionally add a couple of cups of water and a few drops of dishwashing liquid and let the blender clean itself.

Gunadulterated how prone this blender is to leaking if the blade assembly is not tightened ample, why continually cut off it?

The lid cleans up well with a quick soap-n-water bath (it is top-rack dishwasher safe if you prefer) without any obvious nooks or crannies for the goop to hide.

The buttons on the control panel are all sealed and even the LCD timer doesn’t have any crevices where smoothie-goo can hide. A damp washrag is all that’s needed.

What to expect from the BB605XL Hemisphere?

At first glance, this blender would fit into most modern kitchen thanks to its clean silver finish.

Controls are nicely laid out and easily accessed which make this easy to use.

The LED backed controls to mean great visibility.

What can this make?

This machine is more than a smoothie maker. Despite the listed 750 watt power this machine based on a review done in CNet is capable of replacing your food processor.

Is it easy to clean?

Since the blade and jug are once pieces, you won’t be able to take it apart and clean it separately using a sponge.

But one option would be filling it up halfway with water, add a few drops of dishwashing liquid then pulsing it for 30 seconds to dislodge any food particles inside the crevices.

Make sure to clean this shortly after using it thus it won’t be hard to clean. Take note that this is as well as dishwasher safe but create certain to rinse it first back putting it in there.

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