The Best NutriBullet Rx Blender Review: A Blender With Heating Function

Newest to the Nutribullet relatives comes the NutriBullet Rx Blender. Is the Nutribullet RX a rebadge of the previous Nutribullet 900 in a practiced new casing once a couple of added features? Has Nutribullet finally got it right this become pass and produced a blender worthy of taking upon the colossal brand names such as Vitamix and Blendtec a lower price?

If you happening for in the market for a bullet blender which can make your accretion-going on to customary cool smoothies as proficiently as blast a hot soup save reading.

In the Nutribullet associates of blenders, the RX is the most powerful and the most versatile to the front it can join up cool foods and pump heat into soups and sauces as it blends.

What Interesting About The Nutribullet Rx Blender?

First of all, the Nutribullet RX has a heating pretense for soups and sauces. You load the superb-last pitcher once your ingredients, screw it onto the base, and press the g button until it turns red. The 7-minute cycle will begin, blending and heating the soup, past automatically turning off.The Best NutriBullet Rx Blender

It doesn’t have a heating mechanism per se, the heat comes from the quickness and duration of the spinning blades.

Note: you never put hot liquids into the RX, you begin considering cool or lukewarm liquids/ingredients and the blender will heat it for you. I ensure that because I personally would probably make the silly error of thinking that if the RX is safe to heat things, its safe to join up already-hot ingredients.

Second tempting factor to note, the RX has a super-high wattage of 1700. This is beautiful immense compared to added Nutribullets, such as the Pro 900 which has, capable, 900 watts of expertise. At 1700 watts, you’d aspiration for the smoothest smoothie ever, gone not a chunk in sight. Well, assess this factor adjunct knocked out.

Lastly, the RX comes back a tiny tool to tighten or loosen the blades. Sure, this isn’t riveting recommend, but it does seem important as soon as the fact that hot soup is going to be coming out of the machine. For this excuse, the tightening tool is within doing to ensure the blade assembly is tightly screwed onto the Souperblast pitcher to prevent leakage.

It furthermore helps later the blade assembly expands due to the heat and becomes too hard to unscrew by hand.

It’s appealing and useful to note that many reviewers have urged existing and sophisticated RX owners to always use the blade tightening/loosening tool considering removing the blade housing from the vessel. They make known that this ensures that the rubber gasket stays put, and doesn’t slip out, as many customers have experienced.

How does the Nutribullet RX compare to another bullet blenders? Are the sauce and soup perform really worth it? How exactly does it heat and cook food? How does it handle ice? What are the main pros and cons?


  • Makes soups, smoothies, nut butter
  • Comprehensive recipe book
  • Most parts dishwasher safe
  • Pre-programmed blending time
  • Straightforward to operate
  • Versatile
  • Excellent blending results across the board
  • Good selection of accessories
  • The cups and lids are dishwasher safe


  • Recipes measured in cups
  • Bulky
  • Pricey
  • Larger design and number of accessories make it hard to store

Key Specifications

  • Review Price: £199.00
  • 1,700W 2.3 horsepower motor
  • Superb last pitcher, oversized cup, short cup
  • Removable rim, stay fresh lid, pitcher lid
  • Extractor blade, blade remover
  • Max capacity 1.3 liters
  • 44x 16 x 16cm

Nutribullet Rx Vs Nutribullet Balance

  • NB Balance has Bluetooth capabilities and connects to the Balance app so you can calculate the nutritional info of your smoothie
  • The NB Balance has 1200 watts, the RX has 1700
  • The largest cup size with the NB Balance is 32 oz, the largest with the RX is 45 oz
  • The NB Balance doesn’t have a heating function, the RX does
  • The NB Balance is a little pricier depending on where and when you buy it, and if a sale is on


  • Ease of use: 4.8/5
  • Design: 4/5
  • Instructions: 5/5
  • Performance: 5/5

What do you get with the Nutribullet Rx?

The new model comes within a 12-piece set, including a hardcover recipe book.

  • 1700-watt power base
  • 30 oz short cup
  • 45 oz large cup
  • Lip rings which screw onto the cups so you can drink more comfortably
  • Superb last pitcher for soup making
  • 2-piece Souperblast pitcher lid, (with clear plastic removable venting piece)
  • Blade cleaner brush
  • Blade remover for when the blade gets stuck too tightly onto the cup or pitcher
  • Recipe book

What do other customers and reviews say?

As of now, the reviews are enormously varied. The 5-star section has 62% of the votes, and the 1-star section has 14%. This tells us that yes, there are some stellar features to behold, but there are as well as some pitfalls to be au fait of by now handing the cash cutting edge than. Let us see what has thrilled and disappointed customers.


Easy to use: many customers who left glad reviews noted how easy the RX is to use. They also the one-be adjoining button, hands-off blending, and easy cleanup.

Powerful: The powerful, 1700-watt motor is a popular feature in the sure comment sections. Customers mention the smoothness of their smoothies, antique no chunks or gritty texture, and they attribute this to the powerful motor.

Easy to clean: thrilled customers rant just about how easy the RX is to clean. Either rinse it out and depart to abstemious or pop into the dishwasher for a more thorough clean.


No pulse feature: some people have found the nonexistence of a pulse feature disappointing. This isn’t a biggie, just a business of preference.

Loud:  the loudness of the RX has come asleep blaze in negative reviews, but I think its just something you have to make a clean breast subsequent to using a super powerful blender. You could get your hands on a blender cover to muffle the hermetically sealed. You could get sticking to of a blender cover to muffle the sealed.

Leaks: quite a few depressed customers have found that the RX leaks from the bottom, through the blade housing, and into the base. Others have found that a greasy, dark substance leaks from the blade housing into the cup, contaminating the smoothie/soup.

Gasket ring comes loose: this is by far-off and wide the most common sickness in the negative review sections. It’s quite a pain for many people, as they locate the rubber gasket pops out of the blade housing and even gets stranded or chopped occurring as the blender blends.

Others have stated that this can be utterly avoided if you use the blade tightener tool each time you safe and cut off the blade housing to the cups or pitcher. This is a common sickness across the board of Nutribullet models. Some suggest keeping the blade out of the dishwasher as the heat can cause the gasket to slip.

What’s the warranty?

It comes considering a 1-year warranty, but you can get your hands on an extended four-year warranty from NutriBullet if you face.

How do you use it?

For the Nutriblast cycle, which is basically just the confirmed smoothie performance of the RX, you gainfully place the filled and secured vessel onto the base and press the aptitude button. The button will warmth green and the blender will control for one minute by now turned off.

The capacity button glows red during the Souperblast cycle, and runs for seven minutes, heating the ingredients as they join up.

How Does The Nutribullet Rx Heat And Cook Food?

The NutriBullet Rx Blender comes later a special pitcher and vented lid to make what Nutribullet publicity calls superb-lasts (yes, you can just be called it soup). Once you’ve loaded the pitcher taking into consideration soup (or sauce) ingredients and screwed the vented cover approaching summit, you screw it into the base. Press the g button upon the Magic Bullet fable at the bottom of the base until it turns red, this will viewpoint of view upon the heating charity.


The RX will subsequently begin a 7-minute cycle of blending which creates heat due to the curt eagerness of the blades. There’s no actual heating mechanism in the base, the heat, therefore, comes from the friction created from 7 minutes of 1700-watt blending. The soup reaches taking place to 150 degrees Fahrenheit.

How Loud is it?

It’s beautiful colossal, as you might expect from such a high-powered blender. There are blender covers approaching the announce, expected to muffle super-noisy blenders.

How do you clean it? Is it easy to clean?

Yup, it’s easy to clean and the cups and lids are dishwasher affix too. You just obsession to recall to rinse the blades rapidly after use, to ensure smoothie and soup residue doesn’t temperate and fasten onto the blades. The blades shouldn’t be put into the dishwasher, as it can flashing the gaskets. It is best to meet the expense of the blades a rinse and a quick scrub subsequent to a brush, as well as depart to dry.

What are the most common Problems With the Nutribullet Rx?

The rubber gasket can come out: by far away, the most common disease, as we learned earlier. Many people have found that the rubber gasket pops out of the housing, and sometimes even finds its habit into the blades. Others are adamant that this is unconditionally avoidable if the blade remover is used to cut off the blades.

Some reviewers have explained that by removing the blade at the forefront your hands, you are squeezing the housing from the outdoor, so creating a large ample gap for the gasket to slip out of. Whereas gone than using the blade remover, the housing remains unchanged.

Leakages: leakages are furthermore an abundantly adroitly common matter gone the RX. Some people experience leakages from the blades and into the motor, even though others locate that a weird substance leaks from the blade housing and into the vessel itself.

The blade remover comes into show atypical era again here too, as reviewers have said if you use it to tighten the blades abundantly, you won’t profit leakages. Don’t be in favor this as gospel though, as others have found the RX leaks even behind the tightest blade application

Nutribullet Rx Vs Nutribullet Lean

  • The NB Lean has been designed to fit in with a weight loss program. It comes with portion-control plates, spoons, and the cups have markings to ensure the right ingredients are being portioned correctly. It comes with a 7-day weight loss plan
  • The largest cup capacity with the NB Lean is 32 oz, the largest with the RX is 45 oz
  • The NB Lean has a wattage of 1200, the RX has a wattage of 1700
  • The NB Lean doesn’t have a heating function, the RX does
  • The NB Lean is activated by a one-touch button which starts the 60-second auto blend, this is similar to the RX which has a one-touch button to activate the Nutriblast (smoothie) or the Souperblast (heating) functions which run on automatic timers
  • The NB Lean is slightly cheaper, depending on where and when you purchase it

Nutribullet Rx Vs Nutribullet Prime

  • The NB Prime has 1000 watts, the RX has 1700 watts
  • The NB Prime comes with a 28-oz insulated, stainless steel vessel, the RX does not
  • The NB Prime does not have a heating function, the RX does
  • The NB Prime has a maximum capacity of 32 oz, the RX has a maximum capacity of 45 oz
  • The NB Prime comes with flip-top lids for portable drinking, the RX doesn’t come with flip-top lids
  • The NB Prime comes with vessel grips, the RX does not
  • The NB Prime is slightly cheaper than the RX
  • They both run on auto-timed cycles with no buttons to press

Nutribullet Rx Vs Nutribullet Select

  • The NB Select has 950 watts, the RX has 1700 watts
  • The NB Select has a control dial with 5 speeds, and “crush”, “pulse”, and “blend” functions, the RX does not have dials or manual functions, it runs on an auto-cycle
  • The NB Select does not have a heating function, the RX does
  • The NB Select comes with 10, 28 and 32 oz vessels, the RX comes with 30 and 45 oz vessels
  • The NB Select is slightly cheaper than the RX, depending on where and when you buy it

Nutribullet Rx Vs Vitamix 5300

  • The Vitamix 5300 is a comprehensive pitcher blender, whereas the RX is a bullet blender with cups as opposed to a large pitcher
  • The Vitamix 5300 has 1380 watts, the RX has 1700
  • The Vitamix 5300 can mix the dough, the RX is not designed for this
  • The Vitamix 5300 can heat soups and sauces, just like the RX
  • The Vitamix 5300 is far pricier than the RX
  • The Vitamix 5300 has a 10-speed dial and a pulse button, the RX does not have manual functions but runs on an autocycle
  • The Vitamix 5300 has a capacity of 64 oz, the RX has a capacity of 45 oz


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