The Best Omega BL630 Review – A New Challenger to the Vitamix

The Best Omega model BL630 variable-speed blender brings commercial blending power into your house kitchen. Omega blenders offer a distinct alternative of power and durability while giving you the expansive capacity you want to create delicious shakes, soups, sauces, and smoothies.

The stylish silver color looks great on a countertop, and precision controls on the blender make it an ideal choice for both home and commercial kitchens. An extensive array of features makes the Omega model VL630 blender a helpful kitchen tool.

The rubber lid latches onto two sides of the container, which effectively seals the lid to the container to prevent messy leaks. The center of the lid is removable, making it easy to add ingredients while you blend.

omega bl630 review

The container is made of Eastman Tritan copolyester plastic, and it is BPA free. The 64-ounce container also has measurement markings for convenient measuring while you cook. You will enjoy the fast blending speed, which powerfully purees fruits and vegetables.

The Omega variable-speed blender holds its own amidst other leading blenders that line store shelves. A quick check of features will show you that Omega actually shares many popular features that other products offer.

The Omega does not even require a plunger, which some manufacturers must include with their blenders because these products lack the power necessary to process foods effectively without help. The Omega has a powerful 3-peak horsepower motor, which easily crushes ice, blends ingredients, and purees vegetables.

The blender also features overload protection to prevent damage to the motor. The full height of the blender is 20.2 inches, making it an easy fit on a home kitchen countertop, unlike many other blenders. The blender also measures 9 inches deep and 7.8 inches wide.

The Omega blender is approved for both commercial use in restaurants and home kitchen use. Anon/off switch with toggle controls between low and high power speeds make it easy to blend a variety of ingredients to perfection.

The stainless steel blade assembly is strong and durable.

This multiple-speed blender is easy to clean and maintain as well, and the pitcher is dishwasher safe. The six-minute timer function on the blender makes this unit almost work on its own. Set the timer, and the blender will operate independently, shutting off at the end of the time you set.

When shopping in a store for a blender, a comparison to juicers can also be helpful as you research your purchase. A significant difference between blenders and juicers is the way the units process foods.

Blenders retain all of the nutritious pulp and bulk of fruits and vegetables, while juicers separate the pulp as a waste product. This means that juicers eliminate many nutrients from the finished product, while blenders retain the nutrients.

The foods you prepare in your blender will be both delicious and packed with nutrients. Give yourself unsurpassed power and versatility in the kitchen with a new Omega blender. (The Best Omega BL630 Review – A New Challenger to the Vitamix)

Describe The Best Omega BL630 Review:

Omega 3hp Blender BL630

Raw foodies expect their blenders to give completely smooth results on notoriously difficult blending tasks such as nut milk, raw soups, green smoothies, ice creams, dry ingredients and more. The BL630 take in these tasks in its stride and comes back for more, with its unbelievable power and blade force.

A quick look at the over-engineered blade concentration with its robust taintless steel drive explains the superior quality of the Omega 3hp Blender that sets it apart from rivals like Blendtec and Vita-Mix.

The superb design all comes simultaneously when you see it put to work. The sheer power appears almost unstoppable and even on the tough green vegetable smoothie recipes, it gives smooth results in seconds.

Omega 3hp Blender BL630 Key Featuresomega-bl630-review

  • BPA free Tritan shatterproof 2-liter container
  • The Infinity automatic speed control
  • The Timer, pulse, and variable speed controls
  • Heavy duty stainless steel blade assembly
  • The Overload cut out protection and reset
  • No need for a tamper or smoothie stick for perfect blends

The first order of business is looking into the features:

  • The Powered by a 3HP motor (has 1,400 watts of power)
  • Has variable speed control, timer and an infinity function
  • The top cover has a removable cap so you can easily add ingredients mid-cycle
  • The stainless steel blade assembly
  • Unbreakable Tritan copolyester container
  • Fitted with an overload shut off system
  • A Touchpad controls
  • It’s 10-year warranty (1 year if used commercially)
  • Gripper feet for added stability on the countertop
  • 19″ tall


  • The Fitted with a commercial quality motor
  • The Cheaper than a Vitamix or Blendtec
  • The Long warranty
  • Has variable speed for more precise blending
  • Versatile – you can make salsa, soup and crush ice


  • A very tall blender – you will need to measure your kitchen overhangs to make sure this fits
  • Even if it’s cheaper than a Vitamix it is still an expensive piece of machinery

What to expect from this commercial grade blender from Omega?

As you’d look for from an Omega product, you’ll be getting something of high quality and functionality.

What can this blender make?

With 3 horsepower on tap and a heavy duty motor, this blender can excellent much do blend anything you put within it. But it needs to little liquid.

The blades have the same design to the Blendtec. So this machine will not need a tamper.

With the square-shaped pitcher design –moreover similar to the Blendtec, it creates a “vortex” that forces ingredients down as it blends it.

Is it easy to clean?

Omega says you have two options to wash this – using a dishwasher or hand washing it. I’d recommend that handwashing because it is faster and you get to thoroughly clean it using a sponge and dishwashing liquid soap.

Where can I buy this?

You can purchase this blender from Amazon for around $270. inscribe in Prime to get 2-day free shipping. And there’s an optional elaborate warranty if you feel that the 10-year warranty isn’t sufficient

Long warranty!

The deal maker here is the industry best 10-year warranty, 3 years longer than the Vitamix (except for the Ascent series) and 2 years more than the Blendtec.

Even if Omega says this machine does not need to tamper, you yet have to add some liquid.

Or else this blender may fight as you’ve seen in the image above. But it has more than enough energy to make nut cream or frozen confectionery.

In total Omega put a lot of thought and designed a very good product. But the need for a tamper hinders how this blender functions. It’s getting there in terms of performance against the industry leader Vitamix but not perfect yet.

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