Vitamix 300 vs 750 | Finding The Right Blender For You?

Which blender will provide you the best overall value for your money Are you interested in buying a Vitamix blender, but don’t know which model would best suit your needs? We compared the Vitamix Pro 300 vs. 750 to determine which blender is more powerful, which blender has better design features

Both are similar high-performance models with powerful motors and fast-spinning stainless steel blades, suitable for use in your home or in restaurant kitchens. Both the Vitamix Professional Series 300 and Vitamix Professional Series 750blenders are from the Vitamix G-Series – their latest and greatest, next-generation models.

These small kitchen appliances are not just personal blenders meant for quickly whipping up smoothies to take with you on-the-go — they are professional-grade models that can be used at every meal, blending and mixing a variety of whole-food ingredients for soups, ice creams, alcoholic drinks, chunky salsas and everything in between.

Both of these popular blenders have received positive and enthusiastic reviews, can tackle similar jobs with ease, and are worth investing in if you’re looking for a blender that will last you for years to come. So which model should you choose? We’ve created the following blender comparison guide to differentiate the Vitamix Pro 300 vs. 750, to help you decide which model will best suit your blending needs.

Vitamix 300 vs 750 | Finding The Right Blender For You?

Vitamix 300 vs 750v

A clarification

Before I suffice, I’d like to stress that the term professional series doesn’t equalize to change having more powerful motors.

All Vitamix blenders come with professional grade motors as you’ll circular a lot of chefs and juice bars use.

When you see the word professional series next to a Vitamix, it simply means that it comes with a professional grade cookery book with the exact recipes that chefs use to make gourmet quality food you’ll find in restaurants.


The Vitamix Pro 300 and Pro 750 both feature a 2.2 horsepower motor, which is the most powerful motor Vitamix offers in its kitchen machinery. After purchasing one of these blenders, you will no longer need to worry about not being able to achieve the food or drink consistency you desire — these powerful machines can blend everything from large chunks of apple and pineapple for healthy juices to tough peanuts and almonds for creamy nut butter.


The Difference between the 2 interfaces is given below:

Vitamix 300 Interface

Vitamix 300 vs 750The Vitamix 300 has a pretty simple interface. It includes a pulse switch on the left, rotating dial at the middle to adjust the speed and a start and stop toggle switch on the right.

This layout is pretty similar to 5300 and 5200.



Vitamix 750 Interface

In addition to the signal and variable speed, it also comes with 5 preset controls that take the guesswork out when blending certain types of recipes.Vitamix 300 vs 750

The Vitamix 750 being the newer alternative of the two has more options.

These options take in settings for smoothies, soup, frozen dessert, puree and even one for cleaning the pitcher.

Using pre-programmed controls provide you consistency because the blender will start and stop the motor in preset increase.

such as, if you want to make hot soup, turn the dial towards the hot soup preset, and the blender will do a 6 minutes cycle for you.

You can reprieve the blender and do other things needed inside the kitchen. In short, this feature allows you to multitask.

The latter is significant if you are a chef or juice bar owner because this setting gives you consistency and saves you a lot of time.

Winner: The Vitamix 750


The Vitamix 300 and 750 come equipped with the 2nd generation 2.2 HP motor with an improved exhaust system that means you can run it longer without overheating it.

Developed cooling means more flexibility in terms of the recipes you can make since you can run it longer.

Tough to make recipes like even pizza dough is a cinch to make with both of these products. The key is knowing what setting to use and how long to run it. That’s where the recipe book comes in.

Ease of Use

When comparing the Vitamix Pro 300 vs. 750, both very user-friendly, even for at-home chefs who have never even used a blender before. Both models feature a 10-speed dial and a pulse control setting, as well as soft-grip, ergonomically designed handles built for comfort and easy use.

However, with five pre-programmed settings, including smoothie, frozen dessert, soup, purée and self-clean, the Vitamix Pro 750 is the more convenient option as it allows you the pleasure of removing the thinking out of preparation. The pre-programmed settings will help you achieve the perfect blend every time, and you can even walk away to continue preparing other items while it continues to blend, as the Vitamix Pro 750 knows when to stop on its own.

Winner: Vitamix Pro 750!

Blade Size

Since both of these blenders use a similar container, blade size is also the same. It is around 4 inches in around an inch wider than the previous generation blades.

This blade is taintless steel, hammermill metal that Vitamix says will resist corrosion. It’s an excellent thing since this blade will touch food.

Choose Your Blender

After comparing the Vitamix Professional 300 vs. 750, it is clear that these blenders have many similarities and a few significant differences.

The Vitamix Pro 750 is the best option if you want to purchase a blender that is more self-sufficient and able to assist you through the entire preparation process. However, the Vitamix Pro 300 can also blend all the same ingredients that the Vitamix Pro 750 can, is less expensive and available in more than one color.

If you are someone who wants to go above and beyond with their blender, creating puréed fruit and vegetable blends for babies, sweet frozen treats for summer days, and hot soups with just the right amount of texture, the Vitamix Pro 750 is the blender for you. But if you are looking for a reliable blender that can tackle blending recipes for juices, sauces, and smoothies of all ingredients and flavors, the Vitamix Pro 300 is the best option for your needs.

Still not convinced? Check out our other comparison guides, or our complete line of Vitamix Blenders to find the right Vitamix for your life.

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Comparison – Vitamix Pro 300 Vs 500

What can this make?

Both these machines can make excellent much the same set of recipes because it has the same motor, blade, and jar.

What sets the 750 apart is the pre-programmed controls that are absent in the 300.

The pre-programmed controls allow you to make recipes like soup or frozen confection without having to time and manually start and stop the blender and these settings do it for you.

Same motor

These machines not only make smoothies but 2.2 hp motor is excellent much heavy duty enough to handle any recipe you can think of.

It is a big cause of why Vitamix is one of the top choices by professional chefs around the world.


All 2nd generation Vitamix blenders come with a 7-year warranty. If you buy this from Amazon, there is an optional 4 or 3-year protection plan for much less than it would cost in

Winner: Even

Where can I buy these blenders?

Both these blenders are obtainable in Amazon with the Vitamix 300 being cheaper at just a shade under $530.You’ll need to spend a little bit more to buy the 750 with the 3 preset controls.

If the 7-year warranty isn’t enough, then you can go to Amazon and purchase the extended warranty up to 4 years. So it extends the warranty to 11 years. Now that’s the peace of mind.

Winner: Vitamix 300

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